Our Services

We have a plethora of services in our toolbox, most of which are directly aimed at servicing the legal needs of Community Associations and their respective board members.

Collection Services

The collection of delinquent maintenance fees or “assessments” is often the issue of utmost importance to the Firm’s existing and potential clients. Having represented Community Associations since 1999, Mr. Ruggieri has seen the ever-changing landscape of collections, having litigated numerous complex collection matters and issues throughout the recent real estate collapse which began in 2007. Effective collection practices on behalf of our Community Association clients is a never-ending and tireless challenge that constantly requires creative litigation strategies and a “client-by-client” approach that recognizes that the large Firm business model is simply not nimble enough to properly and adequately address every client’s unique needs.

Mr. Ruggieri typically begins each new client relationship with a strategical review of the client’s collection matters to jointly develop both an understanding of the Community’s unique problems and needs and to make certain that Association and counsel are on the same page with respect to a planned strategy to maximize collection efforts. With a focus on this “team approach” driven by the Firm’s devotion to the personalized representation of Community Associations, the Ruggieri Law Firm offers a low to no-cost fee and cost structure for collections designed specifically to address the needs of your Community.

Covenant Enforcement

Actions to enforce the covenants or “rules” for the Community are provided on an hourly basis. A flat rate structure can be negotiated for “bulk” covenant enforcement projects where more than five covenant enforcement matters will be pursued at the same time.

Construction Defect

Construction defect litigation is complex and can be extremely expensive. It should never be handled by an attorney with little or no experience handling them. Mr. Ruggieri’s twenty-one (21) years of practicing law in Central Florida have been heavily focused on the litigation needs of his Community Association clients. The Firm is committed to working with your Community to develop the most cost effective construction defect litigation solution for your needs, including flexible hybrid contingency fee, deferred fee, and deferred cost solutions.

General Counsel

All other matters which might require legal advice and counseling are handled on an hourly basis. However, larger projects such as amended and restated documents, multiple amendments, and Marketable Record Title Act projects can be undertaken by the firm for a flat rate.

Fee Structure

The cornerstone of the Firm’s Fee Structure for collection services is our withheld billing for lien foreclosure cases where we look initially to the delinquent owner to collect the attorney’s fees. We also offer “no cost” collections to avoid out-of-pocket costs.

Withheld Billing

You will not be invoiced for attorney’s fees on a monthly basis. Rather, we look primarily to the homeowner to recover the attorney’s fees.

No Cost Collections

Many law Firms offer “no cost” collections because they have to in order to remain competitive from a cost standpoint. While the Firm offers no cost collections, we urge you to speak with Mr. Ruggieri personally to make certain that we develop a fee and cost structure for collections that suits your particular needs.

Flat Rate for Mortgage Foreclosures

Pay just one flat rate to have our firm answer a mortgage foreclosure and provide monthly updates until the case is completed by the bank. Stop paying monthly monitoring fees.

Monthly Status Reports

Monthly status reports are provided, personally prepared by me, in a format that’s easy to understand. Have a question? Contact me directly and get it answered fast.

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